These days it is difficult to buy or sell your crypto holdings due to the volatile state of the market.

BUT, Galileo and the TRVL token work on a different platform that is less affected by Bitcoin or the Crypto Market in general… it works on the current state of the Tourism Market. Tourism is at its lowest dip and is just now starting to show signs of recovery. …

Galileo is giving away three, $100 airdrops to community members who can get the most people to watch the new Meme video. To join you only need to register at:

After registering use the RED button to WATCH THE VIDEO, then the other buttons to share on FB, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, and others The more you share, the more points you get and the more chances to win.

AND, when someone registers through Your Link, you get even MORE Points.

So join the fun and have a laugh while learning more about the Galileo Future Travel token and…

Community funded Tradable Luxury Travel Entitlements at Crazy Discounts and 5 Year Expiration dates

A gamified lottery where EVERYONE WINS if the minimum quantities are funded

To make a bigger impact and sustain the Galileo Travel NFT system far beyond the pandemic and increase the product range offered. Upon completing the current online system, we will begin developing a 0 Loss Lottery app that allows users to collectively purchase larger numbers super high luxury properties and experiences at crazy low prices through the Galileo network.

Here is how it works:

  1. Galileo Travel will go to a Luxury Hotel or experience and offer a LARGE Bulk…

Our legal advisory has recommended that “Travel Futures” sounds like a Security and we wouldn't want the Powers That Be… in ANY country to suspect us of trading securities or harass us just because we got the Wrong Name… so to be safe, we are changing our branding to Galileo - Pioneering a New Age of Travel Futures. We still managed to sneak in the old “Travel Futures” name but now it is more in line with what we actually do… buy Travel Entitlements at a Pandemic Discount and Sell them to our customers to use, trade or sell in the future.

VIDEO AMA with Bestselling Author and the Founder behind Travel Futures Club and the TRVL Token, ARTHUR CARMAZZI on May 26, at UTC 10am

Join the contest with more than 20 points and Get Automatic Eligibility to join the TRVL token OPTION B Private Pre-sale before our June 7 Launch on BSC Starter.


Travel Futures Club is doing an Option B Pre-sale final round for Early Reward opportunities. You can get up to a Maximum of $200 of the TRVL token at $0.11 before the Launch on July 16 with BSC Starter. This will be the last opportunity to buy TRVL before the launch and take advantage of low prices before we begin the Massive marketing campaign in July. Get on the Wait List

WIN a Royal Treatment Bali Spa Vacation at Avalon Castle in Ubud (Expiring in 2025) by sharing the Travel Futures concept… [Go here:] The value of the Entitlement is $788 which can be Sold, Traded, or Redeemed through the TravelFutures.Club website. This is one of many NFT Travel Entitlements that Trave Futures Club will offer. And those who hold the TRVL Token will be able to Stake it and get Free travel entitlements… but the TRVL token also provides a more discounted price when you use it to buy entitlements. The profit from the increase in price as tourism returns allows the profit to be revested into liquidity creating more value and profit for TRVL Token Holders.

Just before and during the launch, we will be promoting an Exclusive JETSETTER Experience Package to boost sales and prevent dumping. Here is what is in the package:

Morning Day ONE: Arrive in Bali by Private Jet (Beechcraft Hawker 400-XP)

Day ONE: Arrive and Stay at Arthur Carmazzi’s Castle in Ubud for 2 nights

Evening Day ONE: Enjoy the Exclusive Spa Package with Personal Butler

Evening of Day TWO: Party with the Royal Family and Crypto Millionaires

Day THREE: Board a Yacht to the Komodo Islands

Day FOUR: Wake up on the Ocean before starting your return home… or stay…

Most of us want money to improve the quality of our life. In crypto the trend is to get in early and dump to make a quick profit… but where do you use the profit? Many just keep it in their portfolio and do not enjoy the fruits of their effort… but the Travel Futures Token is DIFFERENT! It is not only designed to improve your wealth, but the quality of your life as well… so, to help Token Holders ENJOY LIFE more, we have created a vesting schedule.

Pre-sale participants will receive 20% of their tokens unlocked just before…

Galileo Future Travel

Galileo New Age Travel Futures can be found at and allows users to Buy Discounted NFT Hotel Vouchers Now to Use Anytime by 2025

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