Gamification and Extra Rewards for REDEEMING Travel Experience NFTs

Every Travel Experience NFT you redeem will entitle you to an “EXPERIENCED NFT” for that experience. With the official Galileo stamp. These “Experienced” NFTs are ONLY available to people who Redeem the NFTs and the rarity depends on the value and rarity of the original NFT that was redeemed.

But Wait, There’s More

“EXPERIENCED” NFTs can be able to be applied to your virtual Travel case to share your travels and experiences with the world or maybe just on social media.

But Wait, There’s More!

Collect 3 “EXPERIENCED” NFTs to get a Traveller NFT

Collect 10 “EXPERIENCED” NFTs to get a Jetsetter NFT

The objective of this initiative to reward users of the NFTs with additional Value AFTER they enjoy and LIVE their experience.


Current NFT Launch:


🔹Name: GalileoTravel

🔹Symbol: TRVL

🔹Total Supply:100,000,000

🔹 Presale and Listing: 4.5%

🔹 Marketing : 3%

⛱️ Presale price : $0.10

🌏 Listing Price : $0.125

🏝️ Soft cap: $90,000 — Hard cap: $900,000

MIN $100 — MAX $1000



Presale link: [SOLD OUT]


🔹Telegram: Galileo Future Travel

🔹 Web:



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