Galileo FLASH Travel App

Here is how it works:

  1. Galileo Travel will go to a Luxury Hotel or experience and offer a LARGE Bulk Purchase (let’s say 1000 nights)
  2. The super-low offer will appear on the app for 24 hours
  3. Gamified incentives are given to users/participants to attract others to join the lottery
  4. If at least 1000 nights are pledged, Galileo completes the purchase with the luxury hotel
  5. Galileo then converts these nights to NFT smart contracts so they can be sold, traded, or redeemed.
  6. If the 1000 nights are not pledged, participants are not charged

Information and Links

WEBSITE: Home Page — Travel Future Club (



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Galileo Future Travel

Galileo Future Travel

Galileo New Age Travel Futures can be found at and allows users to Buy Discounted NFT Hotel Vouchers Now to Use Anytime by 2025