How Galileo Future Travel Fights Against Crypto Volatility and Crashes

Galileo Future Travel
2 min readJun 16, 2021


These days it is difficult to buy or sell your crypto holdings due to the volatile state of the market.

BUT, Galileo and the TRVL token work on a different platform that is less affected by Bitcoin or the Crypto Market in general… it works on the current state of the Tourism Market. Tourism is at its lowest dip and is just now starting to show signs of recovery. Galileo converts Token Value to TANGIBLE Travel NFT entitlements like Accommodations and Holiday Experiences that don’t expire until the end of 2025 purchased at pandemic (Low DIP) prices, then sells them at a profit as tourism returns.

…and since profit that may be generated is used to buy back TRVL tokens and burn them, this places the risk of token value increase on the recovery of tourism, NOT on the recovery of crypto or Bitcoin.

According to the latest statistics, we are still in the dip, especially in Asia/Pacific where Galileo will focus since it has the highest profit potentital.


🏖️ GalileoTravel is a Tourism community driven project built on Binance Smart Chain that acquires Accommodations and Experience at Pandemic Pricing and Converts them to Redeemable, Tradeable, and Sellable NFT Assets that expire at the end of 2025. Profit from NFT sales is used to buy back tokens and burn 🔥 them creating a CRYPTO CRASH PROOF mechanism that does NOT rely on the crypto market but on the increase in tourism as the pandemic subsides

🔹Name: GalileoTravel

🔹Symbol: TRVL

🔹Total Supply:100,000,000

🔹 Presale and Listing: 4.5%

🔹 Marketing : 3%

⛱️ Presale price : $0.10

🌏 Listing Price : $0.126

🏝️ Soft cap: $56,000 — Hard cap: $900,000

MIN $100 — MAX $1000



Presale link: [SOLD OUT]



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Galileo Future Travel

Galileo New Age Travel Futures can be found at and allows users to Buy Discounted NFT Hotel Vouchers Now to Use Anytime by 2025