Investment opportunities in the Experience Metaverse

Emotional fulfillment is the Biggest asset on Earth. Any money or effort tends to be used, applied, or initiated, to achieve some type of emotional gratification. Gaining money in itself gives you the emotional gratification of security as well as a personal sense of emotional significance, look what I have done. Spending the money on a big fancy new house where you invite your friends is an expression of personal significance look at what I have achieved come and join me, which would also include the emotional gratifications of belonging and achievement. Traveling around the world, learning new cultures would provide the emotional gratification of personal growth or challenge. Starting a new business would be emotional gratifications of Challenge and also achievement. Giving to charity is the emotional gratification of contribution. When we invest in experience NFTs we are investing in the most sought-after commodity by the human race.

You are able to hold experience NFTs till they become more valuable and resell them at a profit. Imagine getting an NFT for a new football player who later becomes a global All Star, the value of that NFT would have gone to the moon. As investors, we invest in the future of the experience the future of the potential emotion and desire that is connected to that experience. We are not confined by market trends or tweets by influencers (unless the Influencer is connected to that experience) we as human beings are connected to living life at its fullest or helping others to live their life to its fullest.

As the Experience Metaverse expands, as more people enter into it, more businesses, more individuals, more experiences are added to the system, the possibilities become endless, it becomes an addiction. Experience NFTs simply provide a simple way to invest, transact, and redeem experiences… but more than that, is the record of having that experience, to show that you yes have indeed experienced on your composite NFT experience chest or virtual Bucket (for your bucket list) where you can resell the full scope of your achieved dreams to others who value similar dreams but maybe have less time.