Travel Futures Club, a Blockchain Tourism Initiative connecting Incentives and Social Responsibility

Blockchain is usually associated with cryptocurrencies or bitcoin, but as it becomes more mainstream, people are using multiple applications and this one is about supporting the tourism industry while providing travelers and speculators with extraordinary opportunities.

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records “digital assets” in a safe and structured manner. In the current state of the tourism industry, blockchain has huge socioeconomic applications in reinventing hotel and experience vouchers into digital assets, and we Travel Future Club are using it to support staff and business during the pandemic while helping supporters to reap the benefits.

During this pandemic, the tourism industry is the worst-hit sector and has left many people and business owners jobless and under stress. This depressed market has led to the emergence of opportunities to gain from the inevitable bright future of tourism where the prices will return to their original values and beyond. We believe that when people are finally freed of their confinement, tourism will be bigger than it ever was.

Since tourism related assets like accommodations and experiences can be converted to digital assets like NFTs that can be Bought, Sold, Traded, and Redeemed, we are creating a new platform to support all parties involved: Tourism businesses, Tourism employees, Travelers, and Speculators who believe tourism will return and prices will return to their original magnitude.

Speculators and Deal Seekers can purchase the Travel Future Club $TRVL token, a cryptocurrency altcoin that gives extra discounts in purchasing tourism related NFT digital asset entitlements and can be applied in a membership staking structure that provides free accommodation and experience incentives.

All Travel Futures Club entitlements are valid for 3–5 years and have the listed value of the asset during a non-pandemic high season. The entitlement is encoded as a limited NFT that can be bought and sold at the current or speculated Market Price. NFTs can also be easily traded or redeemed at full value.

The Travel Futures Wallet will store the NFT entitlements and the $TRVL token. The benefits of buying these tokens are:

  • One can buy the NFT entitlements with $TRVL tokens for an extra 15% off.
  • You can stake these $TRVL tokens for membership benefits like free accommodations, free travel experiences, discounts, and lottery for a complete vacation.
  • Because the profit from entitlements is reinvested into the token, the price of the token will also go up without new token purchasers
  • Elite club members will have an opportunity to travel to exotic places for Masterminds with Arthur Carmazzi and other celebrity holders, and Million dollar investors

The biggest benefits will be those to buy early and sell or redeem in a post-pandemic market, earning free entitlements while waiting. Of course, there will also be those who will buy and flip to make a quick profit. Either way, each Travel Futures Club Members help the industry and the people who work in it. Each member will be supporting families being fed and pride being restored hospitality workers globally.

Travel Future Club can be found at and allows users to Buy Discounted NFT Hotel Vouchers Now to Use Anytime in the next 3–5 Years.

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