Travel Futures makes using crypto Seamless with Familiar Mainstream Registrations and eCommerce

Since the Travel Futures Club is not isolated to blockchain users and the success of the project requires the average non-crypto user to seamlessly join as members or partners without the burden of setting up crypto wallets, remembering mnemonics, or installing browser plugins. Travel Futures Club will be incorporating the FIO Protocol (

In collaboration with FIO, we are integrating the protocol into the Member and Partner registration process. New users or partners will be able to create Unique Human-meaningful crypto addresses and signatures that allow users to initiate transactions using human-readable and memorable identifiers like “Hyatt@Bali”, “Rafting@Juggernaut”, or Samuel@Traveler.

Combining the power of FIO with secure Username and Password system using either Edge ( or the Portis SDK (, Users won’t have to install anything in advance to access, buy, trade, or sell NFT Travel Entitlements because it uses a simple in-browser email/password login method which is accessible from any device and familiar to the mainstream members.

More Security and Simplicity for Partners

When a partner registers and creates their NFTs, each NFT Entitlement will be signed with their PERSONALIZED single identifier that eliminates the need to see, or even know about, blockchain public addresses. This makes it EASY for any Accommodation or Travel Experience staff to verify the NFT Entitlement without checking long contract addresses. More at:

Travelers NFT Entitlement Redemption Upgrades

When members trade NFT Entitlements that have different values, members may negotiate additional funds to compensate the difference. Here the in-app requests for funds along with robust, immutable and private metadata for every transaction, allows members to make any Trade Deal they want.

Members Redeem, Trade, or Combine NFT Travel Entitlements with In-Transaction Context

Attach standardized metadata to any Travel Futures Token or NFT transaction, ranging from a simple note like “My grandmother needs special care on arrival” to “Lets meet at the Mühlesteg bridge at 8pm” or “This payment is for an additional upgrade to include Spa Treatments” or “1 of 7 entitlements redeemed for this trip”. Know the “how”, “why”, “where” and “what” behind every transaction.

Travel Futures Club Members and Partners will both need an Easy, Friendly Experience to buy, access, and sell NFT and Token assets. This new partnership with FIO and its partners will facilitate this at the highest levels




Galileo New Age Travel Futures can be found at and allows users to Buy Discounted NFT Hotel Vouchers Now to Use Anytime by 2025

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Galileo Future Travel

Galileo Future Travel

Galileo New Age Travel Futures can be found at and allows users to Buy Discounted NFT Hotel Vouchers Now to Use Anytime by 2025

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