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2 min readApr 3, 2021

During the pandemic, millions of hotels, villas, accommodations, and tourist destinations have suffered and so have most of their employees. This creates two opportunities.

  1. an opportunity to profit since these organizations need money NOW to survive and pay salaries
  2. an opportunity to make a social impact since many of the employees have been without work for close a year and are usually come from lower-income backgrounds.

Originated and backed by Global Thought Leader, Bestselling Author, and Resort owner, Arthur Carmazzi… Travel Futures Club harnesses these opportunities through a Blockchain platform that allows the average person to buy $TRVL tokens which are used to purchase highly discounted Travel Vouchers valid for 3 to 5 years, which we turn into NFTs and resell at a profit.

AS TOURISM RETURNS, THE VALUE OF THE NFT VOUCHERS INCREASES because tourism prices edge up to eventually reach the standard price. In addition to Hotel Vouchers, there are many other Tourism Related Vouchers that can be acquired at up to 90% discounts such as Spa and experience vouchers.

For Example, the average Ocean Side Villa at the Bulgari Resort Bali was approximately USD6000 in 2019 and currently sells for approximately USD870. Travel Futures Club can buy and hold the voucher. When tourism returns in full, the value of the voucher will be $6000, so even if Travel Futures Club Sells to its Members at USD5000 Travel Futures has made a profit of over 5x on this high-value property.

Many other properties can provide up to 10x Membership only requires Holding and Staking the $TRVL tokens which allow the following benefits:

  1. 15% additional discount on Vouchers over Fait users
  2. Free Travel Vouchers for long term stakers by achieving specific Travel Scores
  3. Distribution of Additional Spa and Experience Vouchers Monthly

The $TRVL token will increase in value as more NFT vouchers are sold at a profit since much of the capital is used to create additional liquidity for the token.

Pre-sale for $TRVL will be announced on our Telegram and Twiter Channels

Telegram: https://t.me/TRAVELFURURES

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FuturesTravel

Tokenomics and Token information can be found at: Sales — Travel Future Club (travelfutures.club)



Galileo Future Travel

Galileo New Age Travel Futures can be found at www.travelfutures.club and allows users to Buy Discounted NFT Hotel Vouchers Now to Use Anytime by 2025